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John Dewey once said, "Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself"
Through Education, Children improve their minds and character. Although education can be self gained, we strongly encourage that Teachers, Parents be involved in imparting the knowledge to the children or pupils, high school and University students. An educated person can easily make a decision which is independent hence ability to choose between right and wrong, much better than the uneducated folks. Civilized mannerism and good way of talking is more common to the educated people than the ones who did not get the same chance of being educated.

With a good education the following benefits become common and are real:

  • Economy and better life- Most educated people are more confident, able to find better jobs, improve their income, contribute to the country’s economy through taxation for more development. In a Country where very few are educated, the poverty level is higher. Too many children cannot read and write today in Africa and what can we say? Their rights are tempered with because of the poor education system or no education at all. When they grow up, their lives will become a struggle. We need to transform them into better, responsible citizens. Both the poor and the marginalized should receive good education that can transform them.

    "Education is a human right with Immense power to transform"- Koffi Annan, Former UN Secretary General

  • Leadership development Most positions of leadership in Government, Civil Society and communities are mostly held and better done by people who went to good or average schools. In Africa, illiteracy level and leadership challenges is too high. Lack of education is a factor in wise decision making in democracy.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "Democracy can not succeed unless those who express their choice in voting are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of Democracy is therefore education"

    Lord Byron once said, "Education makes people easy to lead, difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave"

    As Engineers in Green Actions – Africa (EGAA), we propose to focus on:

  • Education Sponsorships. Many areas of Africa has suffered conflict /Insurgencies for decades like Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Some children can’t afford go to school because the parents were killed in the war, abducted or disadvantaged by disability, tormented by psychosocial problems etc. We propose to :

    • Sponsor children in Secondary Schools through to University
    • Organise various "life skills clinics" and motivational speaking events so that the graduates can take on the future with its horns through confidence, innovation and zeal with the facts that they might have not received through formal education from School.
  • Vocational and Technical Trainings. We want to address the out of school specific needs of children who faced various challenges which did not make them access the formal education. Through this Program, many children will be trained through sponsorships in the following trades:

    • Carpentry and Joinery (C J)
    • Bricklaying and Concrete Practice (BCP)
    • Electrical Installation (EI)
    • Plumbing Works (PW)
    • Motor Vehicle Mechanics (MVM)
    • Motorcycle and Generator Repair(MGR)
    • Tailoring and Garments Cutting (GCT)

Through these vocational /technical avenues above and with specific attention to the quality of the training, many youth will acquire skills that will make them live independent lives hence a productive society with their new employability skills. This will make them contribute directly to the economic growth of their Country, Districts, and Regions etc. For this program to be fully benefitting to a student/ trainee, Mentors will be assigned to them to follow them up, know their strengths, weaknesses, diverse interests hence a better advice for them to succeed in the trade.

  • Construction and rehabilitation of Educational facilities/Infrastructure. Through close collaboration with the Education Ministry and the District Local Governments, Engineers in Green Actions –Africa will identify the needs for new constructions and rehabilitation of educational facilities in Schools, Institutions /Institutions. This will mainly be:

    • Primary School classrooms, Libraries, Administration blocks
    • Secondary School classrooms, Libraries, Laboratories, Administration blocks
    • Build decent Teachers and Head teachers accommodation in Schools, starting with hard to reach areas.
    • University specific Labs and research Centers in collaboration other Universities.
    • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities like water extension, eco-san latrines etc
    • Installation of renewable energy like solar for lighting for academic preps and computers
    • Design and construct green sports grounds and other support to sports.

The design and construction of these facilities will ensure less materials consumption, beauty, safety, sustainability, energy consumption and environmental compatibility.

  • Education curriculum development. We propose to move swiftly to influence the Ministry of Education to modify or change Academic curriculum that suits the current situation in African countries. The issue of climate change, security, disasters, job creation must be addressed accordingly in the curricula. It is an open mind discussion here. What do we change for Primary Schools? What about Secondary Schools and Universities?
  • Teachers and Parents' Motivation in Schools. If the Teachers are motivated, there is always better performance and upbringing of pupils and students hence better productive citizens for the future. We propose to:
    • Hard to reach allowances to village or far away schools should be exclusively taken seriously in consultation with the Teachers and Headteachers.
    • Capacity building of teachers as in new teaching skills, issues at hand like HIV/AIDs, and Teacher exchange programs.
    • Organise Teachers/Parents day out.
  • University Collaboration Scholarships and Research in Science and Technology The world is so dynamic in the science sector and some universities have specific strengths where African students would learn newer technologies /academic cutting edge knowledge through a collaborative scholarship and research programs. This will work by:

    • Identification of Science Students in Africa for Scholarships abroad with Universities (UK, USA, Australia, China, etc ) in areas like Climate change, Aviation engineering, etc.
    • Identify abroad students who can come for research in Africa on areas like climate change, culture and peace etc.
    • Faculty research projects from University abroad and local in a collaborative set up with MOU.
    • Provision of Scholarships to extremely talented Science students in academic areas that Africa need most, e.g. Engineering (Water, Aviation), Climate etc.
    • Research and Publications in areas of interest to Governments, Communities, CSOs, etc.

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